Friday, May 26, 2006

Saving for my XBox 360

Okay.. For a geek, I am a little behind the technology cutting edge. Hey.. I have two kids and a wife, need I say more? So, I have been putting together a little savings plan together to buy my very own Xbox 360. I think that I even have my wife convinced that this is a good thing. She wants the bubble blasting game, Zuma. The one rule is that it has to be wireless. With my current Xbox, the cords are everywhere - Cat5, controllers, power, TV connector, ect. I think that she is tired of tripping over the controller cables. I am also getting FIOS (fiber) to the house for faster game play. (oh, did that come out???) I mean that it is enable faster downloads for email.. yeah.. that’s it.. email… So, I am looking at deals with wireless everything. I figure that it is going to cost me about $600, including a couple of games. I figure that I will have the money way before Christmas, but I might wait until the Christmas Sales come out or until Halo 3 has a release date. All this for Halo 3… uh, NO, No, no, no.. YES!

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