Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Movie Reviews

I was asked off-line about my reviews and what movies I “do like”. I don’t think that I have been unreasonable or unfair about my reviews. If your movie sucks, I am going to say that it sucks or is a load of crap. For those who know me personally, I don’t tend to sugar coat things. So, (JIM) here are a few movies that I do like and I think are worth watching or even ------------------ wait for it --------------- BUY.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Angelina and Brad trying to kill each other.
Laura Croft – Angelina kicking ass while in tight outfits.
Hitch – FUNNY !!!!
XMen I/II – Love the comic and the movie is even better.
Ocean’s Twelve – Not as good as the first.
Batman Begins – nice to see the beginning, but not one of the best.
Day After Tomorrow – Remember “Global warming is just a theory” (yeah right!)
I, Robot – say nice things to your computer, once in a while.
Pirates of the Caribbean – All most as fun as the ride.
Sin City – What is not to love??? Can we say Jessica Alba.
Fantastic Four – Even more Jessica…
Taking Lives – Well.. it is not for the plot…
Underworld – Sexy Vampires and Werewolves… Can we say Bloodlines?

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