Monday, May 01, 2006

My Revenge is Complete

I returned from the spirit realm, thanks to the help of a Dragon God who restored me back to life. Okay, get this, I have my team of about 6 people (7 including me), the emperor sends an entire army (including golems) to kill us. I mean come on… 10,000 vs. 7… Now, I do have to say that 4 of us are complete bad asses, but still... We managed to kill off about a hundred and then flee in our flying fighter. (yes, there are these flying ships complete with missiles and shields) I never said that this “game” is realistic, just lots of fun.

We manage to fight our way into the place, did I forget to mention that it is floating? Remember, the whole army is hell and gone trying to kick our ass in some temple in the mountains. There is my old master, the emperor, looking more powerful than ever. He offers me a place by his side, but I am bent on REVENGE! Being faster than him, I take advantage of my speed to doing a hit-hit-hit-jump away strategy. This works for a bit, until he gets tired of my insolence. Then he starts hitting me with these “special” powers. Well, I have powers too. I morph into a fire demon and pound his ass for a bit, until my chi runs out. Which it runs out really really quick. Switching to my sword, I finish him off.

I do have to admit that it took me about 8 attempts to get the combo right. And by the end, I was really hurt bad. One more hit and I was through.

Playing mostly good, I think that I will play the game again this time being a lot more Evil.

Still a great game.

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