Thursday, October 22, 2009

VMware vCenter CapacityIQ

The new capacity planner for VMWare infrastructure has been released.. Check it out!

VMware vCenter CapacityIQ is a value-add component of the VMware vCenter family of management solutions, providing capacity management capabilities for virtualized datacenter or desktop environments. CapacityIQ integrates seamlessly with VMware vCenter Server, ensuring that your virtualized infrastructure capacity is always predictable and efficiently used.

VMware vCenter CapacityIQ balances business demand with IT supply, without compromising performance, availability and security. With CapacityIQ, your IT infrastructure is guaranteed to have sufficient capacity to meet any business service level agreements.

IT organizations can leverage VMware vCenter CapacityIQ in a number of scenarios, including:

  • Cost avoidance and justification. Do more with the same or less! Optimize utilization of existing hardware resources or justify any new business purchases.
  • Availability and risk mitigation. Plan for potential business and service disruptions proactively by modeling the impact of an outage, failure or disaster.
  • Project planning and decision-making. Model the effect of one-time strategic business changes. Quantify the results of workload consolidations, company acquisitions, additional new headcounts or deployment of multi-tiered applications.
Learn more about VMware vCenter CapacityIQ or visit Partner Central to download partner assets, including a demo and customer presentations.

Friday, October 16, 2009

October Patch Issue

There is a potential issue with a patch in the October Security Updates may break Office Communication Server. The front-end service will not start, and the access-edge service will not start.

Microsoft October Security Update 974571 Breaks Office Communications Server

Currently, there is no resolution, besides uninstall the update.