Thursday, May 11, 2006

Darth Maul Dual Lightsaber

I was checking out a site that I get some of my “geek” stuff from and saw that they have the Darth Maul Lightsaber in stock. A former co-worker bought the Mace Windu saber, which was very cool. However, I would want the Darth Maul - Red Blade - (episode I A Phantom Menace) (Can be assembled as a double bladed lightsaber or used as two, battle damaged, single blade lightsabers.)

These lightsabers have speakers in the handle to make the “sounds”, expecially if you hit something with it.. Like your friend… :P The “blade” lights up and down when you turn on and off your saber. To top it off, it is really frinking bright.

It is very cool for the true Star Trek Geek or even the lesser Geeks. However, if you are married, expected to be in the dog house when this “toy” comes home. Check it out at ThinkGeeks website.

Live long and Prosper.. (uh, I mean) May the force be with you…

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