Thursday, May 25, 2006

Outlook Deleted Item Recovery

How to Recover Deleted Items from any Outlook Folder

Under Outlook's default settings, deleted item recovery is possible only from the deleted items folder. The following registry modification will allow one to recover items from any Outlook folder, including items that were hard deleted, using shift-delete. It should be noted that the prerequisite for recovery of any deleted items, is that a deleted items retention time has been specified for the private and/or public information store on the Exchange server. Only items deleted within the specified retention period are recoverable. The following solution has been tested, and is known to work on Microsoft Outlook 97,98,2000, 2002 (XP), and 2003.

1. Run regedit on client workstation and locate following hive
2. HKLM---Software----Microsoft----Exchange-----Client-----Options
3. Add a DWORD and name it DumpsterAlwaysOn
4. Give the newly created DWORD a value of 1
5. If Outlook is running, close it and restart it.
6. Set Outlook Client to open user’s mailbox
7. Highlight inbox
8. Select recover deleted items from the tools menu
9. Select the messages that need to be recovered and click on the recover button.

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