Thursday, May 18, 2006

My drive in...

I can handle ignorance. If you don’t know how to do something, then I am happy to help out. There are often times where I have no idea of what I am doing and will ask for help. But, just plain stupidity just pisses me off.

Let me begin by saying that I drive this strech of road twice a day, sometimes more depending on the day. At this one point on Evergreen, it changes from two lanes down to one. The sign clearly states “Left Lane End, Merge Right”. I often will let either one or two people in, just to be nice and add to those Karma points. Today, this DUMBASS, probably an Intel, desides that I am either I am nicer than I actually am or he will squease me into the shoulder. Cause, clearly, I have to merge into his lane. Think again, Asshole! I guess that you are too Fucking Stupid to Fucking READ!!! What part of “Merge Right” don’t you FUCKING understand. There is one more aspect that he forgot to take into account. He is driving a nice car and I drive a ’97 pickup, do the math, dipshit.

I hate Stupid People!

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