Thursday, May 18, 2006

Movie Review: Four of the Apocalypse (1975)

I finally rented Four of the Apocalypse (1975), Fulci’s western. “One of filmmaker Lucio Fulci's most explosive spaghetti Westerns, Four of the Apocalypse is now available in its original, uncut version with Fabio Testi in the role of Stubby Preston, a gambler who leads a pack of renegades in search of freedom and reinvention. Only the villainous Chaco can run them off their path, roping them into a game of cat and mouse in the middle of a desolate and dangerous land.” - Netflix

Fulci is famous for horror flicks that I have previewed in the past, which are quite good. I do have to say that normally I do not really enjoy Westerns. Red River is about the only one that I would say that I actually enjoyed. However, he did really a nice job and actually enjoyed watching how the movie played out. Now there is some nudity (Lynne Frederick) who is quite attractive and young looking. So, seeing her topless is worth a half star. There is also a “rape” scene, which I am putting in quotes. The scene is more of “taking advantage” of a helpless girl and not the graphic violence like in the movie Death Wish with Charles Bronson. There is a lot of violence portrait in the Four of the Apocalypse against men, women, and children. Nothing very graphic, just the after affects of a slaughter. If you like westerns, I would recommend that this is worth a rental.

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