Thursday, May 25, 2006

Full Exchange Log Drive?

How to remedy a full Exchange log drive

Under some circumstances, it is possible that the drive partition that contains the Exchange transaction logs may fill up. This can be caused by either backups not completing successfully, or an extremely large amount of mail being sent or received in a short amount of time. A filled log drive will cause the Exchange Store to stop and users will not be able to connect to the server.

An online backup needs to be run to clear the transaction logs from the Log drive. The log files can be moved before they fill up and a backup can be done. However, there will be no access to the server while the logs are being moved.

Here are the steps to move the log files from the log drive to another drive.

1. Connect to the server
2. Run the Exchange System Manager
3. In System manager, go to the Administrative group of the server
4. Expand the Admin Group, expand the Servers container, Click on the server name
5. Expand the server, Click on the First Storage Group container
6. Right click on the First Storage Group Container, Choose properties
7. Click the browse button under the Transaction log location
8. Select the E drive and the MDBDATA\Store1 location
9. Click OK to close the dialog
10. Click ok to close the First storage group properties
11. A warning will appear telling you that the database needs to go offline to complete. Click OK
12. Log files will start moving to the new drive.
13. Close System manager once complete.

Once the log files have been moved. Start a backup to have them removed/cleaned up. After the backup has been run successfully, the log files must be moved back to the correct location on the Log drive.

Yes, it is true that you can check the enable circular logging and restart Exchange. This would effetely flush your logs, However, that means that your point in time restore just went out the window.

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