Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sticking It to the RIAA

For the past week or so I have been really debating about purchasing a couple of MP3s from Amazon. BUT, I do not want in any way to support the RIAA. I don’t believe in what they are doing and feel that they have TOTALLY destroyed the record industry. Music is no longer something that someone can enjoy, it is something that has to be approved and licensed and blessed by the almighty RIAA. It almost feels like something you have to listen in private in the basement where no one knows what you are up to.. That is just wrong! So, as you can tell, I am a bit pissed off about the whole thing.

So, apparently I am not alone in my utter hatred and disgust for the RIAA. However, there is a website for artists that do not support the RIAA and lets you know which one is safe and which ones are not. I was a bit disappointed that my dearest Siouxsie was in support by the RIAA. But, that is something that I will have to seek guidance on.

There is hope and I thank the artists for choosing not to support the RIAA. This is the only way for them to die a slow and painful death.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Game Review: Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey (Wii)

Meet and interact with the popular Disney Princesses while expanding your creativity and exploring important themes, such as courage, friendship, trust and discovery. Customize your own unique heroine character and enter a thrilling adventure through four fun-filled levels. Help these amazing princesses restore order in their enchanted kingdoms and overcome the forces of evil.You can makes friends and interact with Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and Jasmine. Each Disney princess in the game has a different story and magical world that is waiting to be explored. As you create your own princess character, you'll be able to choose dresses, accessories, hair, skin tone, eye color and even her name. With beautiful levels to explore and exciting adventure elements, this is one game sure to please the princess in you. – Best Buy

This is my first entry for the New Year and look at what it is… a Child’s Game… Go figure.
Well, let’s get into it.

We rented Disney’s Princess Enchanted Journey on the Wii for the girls. You get to play as your own customized heroine, taking part in an adventure and helping the Disney Princesses to restore order in their kingdoms. There is Areil, Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White, and even Belle at the very end. This game is more geared for girls of the pre-teen set, as you can clearly see. Since my girls are both under 5 and had a hard time with some of the puzzles. This is where daddy’s gaming skill came into play. But, I do have to say that once they figured out what each other’s strengths, one worked on moving the character and the other worked the magic. This game would be great for some father – daughter bonding time.

However, the game play is only worth one or two times through and therefore only should be a rental and not a buy. Sorry…