Friday, June 23, 2006

Work around the house

In the past month, I have had some work done around the house. I have been complaining that the roof needed to be redone. It was not leaking, but it was old and due for replacement. There was some rot that needed to be dealt with, and so on… (and I wasn’t going to do it!) So, I got several bids from some contractors, including Home Depot. Home Depot - At Home Services was not the cheapest, but seemed to have it shit together. Boy, was I wrong. The job was to put a roof on the house and fix the gutters, since they were pulling away from the house. Signed the contract and all set to go. The Project Manager called stated that they were not going to do anything about the gutters. Hold on a sec.. If we put on a new roof and the gutters are not fixed, then what is the Fn point. He stated that it was not his problem and that his responsibility is to Home Depot. And if I did not like it.. To bad. So, I called the Sale Rep and told him what was going on. He told me calm down, since I was really pissed and that he would take care of it. Well, he got me a new project manager to begin with. The new project manager was a little more understanding, but the Sales guy is who went over and beyond. He came out to the house on a Saturday and fixed the gutters by putting in screws instead of the spike nails that were not doing the job. The only other complaint that I have is that they did not tell me when they were going to install the roof. Get this, I was in a meeting from 8-10am. This guy calls from Home Depot telling me that they have started working on the roof this morning, at 9:30am. WHAT??!!?? Would have been nice to know, since I had to drive home and put the dogs in the house. To add to the confusion, the sale guy nor the project manager were aware that they were going to start.

I also had Verizon put FIOS into the house. Much like getting DSL hooked up, talk about cluster. Verizon is the most unorganized bunch of “people” that I have ever had to deal with. It took 4 times to get DSL into the house, since they were too stupid to plug the cat-5 from the switch to the patch panel… This time it took 5 calls to get the date straighten out. They were pulling dates from the air, or somewhere else… I would get a call from some automated system stating the my technician will be out “tomorrow”, a weekday, between 8-5.. Hold on.. I work… So, I would have to call and fight with them about getting my Saturday appointment back. Finally, I compromised and took a day off, so I could have this done and spend time with the girls. There again, some notice would have been nice. A group shows up to lay the fiber to the house, a week before my tech is coming out. Luckily, Liz was still home and put the dogs in the house. The technician was on time, he said 1pm and it was 1pm. I like that in a person. I now have a 5 meg pipe to the house.

I guess it all ended well, I just wasted a bunch of blood pressure points in dealing with this.

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