Friday, June 30, 2006

Firefly - The Half Series

Well, my wife and I finally rented and watched all 4 DVDs of the Firefly Series. At first, we thought that the acting was really really bad and that this was going to be really cheesy. But, so was Star Trek Next Generation at first – oh look, a space jelly fish… At the middle to end of disk 3, the acting improved and it seemed that the actors started to really enjoy what they were doing. Some of the prop still looked like cardboard cut outs and I swear that I saw an F-18 used as a space ship.

I was surprised that it did not last a full season, on Disk 4 they had a gag real that stated that it was made for the Christmas party, but turned out to be the farewell party. The series itself had lots of sex (in almost every episode), violence and thievery. Yeah, I can see how most sponsors would have a problem with that. I mean Long John Silvers supporting a bunch of space pirates, I mean come on, really. :) But, they were thieves with some morals. I could also see how people in the bible belt would have a problem with that much sex on TV and the fact that prostitution was legal, but idolized as members of high-class society. There were several episodes that were good, but I honestly like the last two episodes on Disk 4.

Now that I have seen the entire series, what there was of it, I am going to rent Serenity the movie, again. All in all, good to see once.. but, not a buy.

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