Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How to setup replicas for Schedule+ data

For most companies, this is really not an issue. However, if you are an Exchange Admin with an international company or have split the Exchange Administrative Groups, you may want to setup replicas for the Free/busy information for some of specific sites. (I hate using the term "sites", since that is a 5.5 term.) For the sales or Executive users, this means that they will be able to view the other offices’ calendar information and book meetings with individuals in those offices. However, if a person turns off the sharing ability within Outlook, you still will not be able to see their data. The client overrides this server configuration.

Here is how you configure the Exchange Server:

  1. Open Exchange system manager
  2. Expand to public folders tree
  3. Right Click and select "View system folders"
  4. select Schedule+
  5. Right Click for properties
  6. Select Replication Tab
  7. Click Add and select servers to replication with
  8. Select Ok
  9. Close System Manager

As a troubleshooting step, monitor the event logs on the Exchange Server for Event ID# 107.

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