Monday, June 26, 2006

Face of the SUN!!!

I knew it was hot over the weekend, I just did not realize that it was that hot. I go from white to lobster in about 2.2 minutes, so I stayed mainly in the shade. Liz had to stay inside in the air-conditioning, she does not do well in the heat. Liz and I broke out the kiddy pool for the girls play in and try to keep them cool. As a side note, boy, they tan quick. The girls were outside, with sunscreen, for about 45 minutes and they are a golden. (with tan-lines) :P They both had fun, we setup a slide-shoot into the pool. The pool is one that my sister gave to them last year, of a crab. The pool has little sprayers (which are legs) in which Allie enjoyed using to drown her little sister. “alldone..alldone.. ALLL DONE!!!!” (that is QUIT IT in Lexi speak). Then Lex figured out that she had a sprayer too and that the hose controlled the water pressure.. She gives a little yank on the hose and the water pressure goes up… :) Hey, Turn about is fair play. Allie would look at me like… Are you going to do anything about this??? Uh.. Nope… Then she would yell “Quit IT” And Lex would.. Everyone had fun, no one got hurt and everyone got wet… Including Daddy.

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