Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Disappointment with Verizon

As you know, I have Verizon’s Fios service for my ISP. In fact, I have both Verizon and Comcast for my internet. I am just trying to figure out how to dual-hom cheaply, but that is something that I will tackle when I have time. I enjoy having a dedicated 5meg pipe, through Verizon, directly to my computer to play games and the other uses of the internet. -wink-wink-

HOWEVER, their customer service lacks A LOT!!!

On November 27th, Comcast installed cable for the TV and Phone. A few days later, I received my normal bill for the phone and Fios service. So, I call… Spending a little time on hold… I talk to a very nice lady, explaining that I canceled the service as of the 27th. She makes the notes and then transfers me to someone else, who tells me to ignore the bill and wait until I get a final bill. I explain that I do not want to interrupt my Fios service, so I want to pay for that portion. That night, I received an email on my Verizon account that states that they need a credit card, since they don’t want to send me a bill for anything less than $50 dollars. Okay.. Whatever… So, I put in my Credit Card information and am charged for my Fios service. So, I threw away the check and bill. Then on Monday, I get a bill for $37.69, making up $34.95 of internet service + $1.31 late fee + $1.43 unknown. (I really like the fact that Verizon charges me a late fee after telling me not to pay the bill. I even like it better that Verizon charges my credit card and then charges me a late fee.) So, I call and talk to a service representative who talked around me and told me that all of the charges were part of the Fios billing and I needed to talk to them. There was no outstanding balance as for the phone service. This morning, Wednesday, I called and talked to a gentleman who told me that it was part of the Fios and Phone services. He could not answer for me a simple question – Where did the $1.43 come from??? I got more and more frustrated that he was first stating that it was long distance charges. When I stated that I did not have any long distant charges, he talked around the topic. Then, to add insult to injury, he said that if I did not stop trying to talk over him, he was going to terminate the call. So, I asked my question again. Finally, I just gave up. I told him to write this down for the record, which still holds true today. “I have been a Verizon Customer for a long time and I have been happy with the Fios service. However, the complete lack of Customer Service makes me an Extremely Pissed Off Customer. The shear fact that I have to call many many many times in order to get an explanation and then told conflicting information shows how utterly useless and incompetent the staff really is.

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