Thursday, January 18, 2007

Microsoft Office Communicator experience on your BlackBerry device

This is new!!! Well, new to me.. :P
As you already know, I really love and hate my blackberry. It is a great little device that I can send/receive email, check appointments, call people, change people’s AD information (through another app), and communicate with other blackberry users. Well, it is even better… Now, I can instant message all corporate users right from my Blackberry.

How is this possible???

RIM has made an add-on to integrate with your Corporate LCS server. I really enjoy having this functionality of being able to see if someone is on-line without breaking out the laptop. I find that it is far easier to use and more reliable than the blackberry communicator. (Yes, I still use both) I find that the battery does not last as long, not that this is a surprise to anyone. Also, I am not sure how I like the BB taking over my LCS connection, even if I am signed into LCS from my laptop. I understand that you only can have one connection at a time, but I find that the BB is constantly taking over and signing me out on my laptop.

It is very cool and a must see. For more information… Here is the web address:

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