Wednesday, January 31, 2007


It is now official… I am a permanent Comcast employee. With my initial 90 day new hire probation period over, all of my benefits are starting to kick in. Well, except for the 401K and the TV/Phone/Internet package. They allow all new hires to enjoy the Comcast entertainment experience, no matter when you were hired.

I finally hooked up the internet service to my desktop yesterday, leaving the wifi on the Fios. I do have to say that I really enjoy the speeds of cable. I have always knocked it, since it is a shared connection. BUT, I do have to say that I was wrong. Most of the time I get a full 6 megs and (get this), if I am downloading a big file it will burst to 12 megs. That is 2.4 times the speed that I got from my previous Verizon Fios connection. (

The whole family is enjoying the whole “ON Demand” feature of the Comcast TV service. This is where you can play movies for free any time you want. It seems that every month there is a new feature set. They provided the Star Wars series in HD, Harry Potter, as well as, all of the James Bonds. There are a bunch of kids channels that are also On Demand. Allie loves Sagwa and D-D-D-Doria. She is really cute… She says “Daddy, can I have Demanding Doria or Demanding Sagwa?” It is really cute… The take home message is that any TV in the house, regardless if it is hooked up to the DVR, will play any movie that is “On Demand”. Very Very Cool!!

As far as the cost, reliability, and features, I would have to say that Comcast wins out over my previous Satellite Provider. I have had no issues with getting signal from either provider, so that is not really a factor. It just comes down to cost and features… Comcast is far better than Direct TV for me and my family.

- And I am not just saying that as a Comcast Employee.. For those who know me, I don’t hold back if something truly sucks, I will let you know!


Doc M, phd said...

Fios also offers a 15meg package for $45....can Comcast beat that?

Very Lost said...

Actually, Fios will cost $50 a month for the 15meg package (if I wanted to upgrade my current package), plus all of the service fees. So it would be closer to $55. Just to give you perspective, I pay $29.95, but my bill is over $35 a month.

So, comparing apples to apples, $33 (Comcast) vs. $35 (Fios). The normal speeds are about the same, but Comcast will allow me to burst to 15 megs. Actually, I had almost that full bandwith for almost an hour, before it started to tapper off.

But, it is whatever you are confortable with, neighbors around you, etc. There is only a few people around me that have Comcast, so the bandwith is high.