Monday, October 09, 2006

Blackberry Enterprise Activation

Many people it seems are having problems with the Blackberry Enterprise Activation for the handheld. Here is a way to enable this function.

· Problem Description:
This process will enable the handheld to wirelessly synchronize with Outlook. Decreasing the dependance on using the Desktop Manager to communicate between the Blackberry and Outlook

NOTE: A Blackberry must being running OS 4.0 or higher and be on BES 4.0 / 4.1 Server for Enterprise Activation to work.

· Instructions:
The Enterprise Activation can be completed a couple ways. After we are satisfied that the handheld has the proper OS version.

1. Contact RIM to set the Enterprise Activation password.
2. Click the Enterprise Activation icon on the handheld. If the icon is not present, find Enterprise Activation under Options.
3. Enter the your email address and the password.
4. Click the trackwheel and select Activate.
5. The Enterprise Activation progress bar appears and the process completes after several minutes.

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