Friday, September 29, 2006

XBox Live

Okay.. So I am weak.. I said that I wouldn't, but I did anyways. I renewed my subscription to Xbox Live Gold. For my birthday, My Parents, Liz’s Parents, and my sister gave me gift cards to Best Buy. So, last weekend, since we were in the area, stopped by and picked up a 13 month subscription. I need to talk to Microsoft about trying to put in a 24 key code using a game pad. Not very easy to do. That night, I teamed up with a couple of kids and played Perfect Dark Zero, capture the flag, which was fun. I managed to get a bunch of flags recovered, as long as someone would cover my back, other wise, I would die quick. It was like keeping a steak from a pack of wolves, damn hard. All I hear from my headset is.. dude! Zig-zag! Zig-zag!

Fun none the less.

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