Friday, September 15, 2006

What ever happened to Customer Service?

It seems like Customer Services is a lost art that people say that they have but really don’t. Here is an example of not good customer service. I called up Dell to have my new laptop screen fixed. It has a spot (stuck pixel) on the screen and it is only a month old. So, in talking with this support guy, who is telling me about how it is industry standard that it takes between 3-5 pixels before they are going to do anything about it. Then he goes droning on about how it does not interfere with the laptop or that it is something that I should worry about. I am not worried about it, it looks bad!!! And since the laptop is only a month old, I wanted it fixed. Yeah, not going to happen. Now, here is the kicker… At the end of the conversation he asked if I had anything else that I needed help with and that he hopes that I am fully satisfied in the level of customer service provided. I am not even sure how to respond to this question… besides NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!

Since, I work in a “service” industry, information technology, I have to deal with both internal and external customers (clients). Now, my job is to solve problems with Exchange, not the email client. I have gotten into a lot of trouble in helping people with problems relating to Outlook, rather than telling the “user” that this is an Outlook problem and go and talk with the Desktop folks. I am sorry, but I don’t work that way. If a person calls, MY JOB is to solve their problem and get them back up and working. I personally don’t care if you are the Senior Vice President of XYZ Company or the company’s janitor, THEY are all my customers and I will treat them all the same way. So, I will help them to the best of my ability with their Outlook problems and solve the problem right then and there and NOT transfer the call to desktop

That is what I think of as Good Customer Service.


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I think that Foamy said it best:

Foamy: I'm the customer, you're the servant! If I say for you to get me a large hazlenut coffee with no sucky undertaste, you say, Yes Sir! And get it! If I tell you to shoot yourself in the head, you say, Yes Sir! And do it!