Friday, September 22, 2006

I got my walking papers.

Well, today is the day... I knew about 4 weeks ago that there was going to be a series of layoffs. When I went to get some tea this morning, several people were asking the facilities manager for some boxes. So I knew that today's was the day. About an hour after that I was called into Linda's office. She is my manager. I logged off my system and had everything ready for my departure. She was rather upset, but I knew that it was coming and had a HIGH SUSPICION that I was on the list. I was the last person in and most likely the highest paid.

However... Get This... My position is being eliminated, all well and good... But, my actual termination is "as of December 29th". So... I still have to report for work first thing Monday Morning! I can not even be "layed off" right... :P

When talking with friends, they all feel it is really odd, especially for a person that has domain admin rights on multiple domains, including some ACS Client's domains, to be told that their job is being eliminated and then been given 90 days to find another job. All of this is very strange and a major security issue, from my point of view. Even being told that before hand that there is going to be lay offs is a breach of security. Let's just say that I was fully expecting either not able to walk into the building or not being able to log into my system. At least that would be the way I would have done it.

It is just weird.

So, I guess that I am getting paid to look for another job... This is definitely a first for me.


Travis said...

Sorry to hear you're... sorta... laid off. That's lame.

Travis said...

Sorry to hear you're... sorta... laid off. That's lame.

Doc M, phd said...

Weird way to lay someone off, but not a bad way to go out.

That's probably why they aren't worried about security. They give you 3 months to find a job, better than being laid off asap, you stay happy and they squeeze a little more work out of you. Not a bad deal for either party.

Good luck on the job hunt!