Thursday, August 24, 2006

Working on a Mac

Thanks to Anonymous!
Based on a reply to my “I hate my Mac” post, Anonymous, suggested that the problem was not with the kalloc.16 (which is what I originally Goggled to no end) but with the Thursby product. I contacted the Mac team about Thursby’s ADmitMac product and the panic error that I was getting. They stated that I have an old version of the product and that I can simply remove ADmitMac from the system. Which I did. This is kind of surprising, since I just had it rebuilt before I took ownership. However, removing the ADmitMac folder did not solve my problem. I walked in this morning and had another Panic Error. :(

I do have to say, coming from me it almost pains me to say this, working on a Mac is really simple. It does not have all of my tools that I need or use, but for running an Outlook-like Client and IE browser, it is very intuitive. I would seriously think about getting one of these for my Dad, who just uses these two functions – Get Mail and surf the Internet. Oh, and lets not forget Poker...he likes Poker.

I am not sure I would be able to sell him on it, though. I know how to fix a PC running a Microsoft product.

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