Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dora! Dora! Dora!

Allie’s Birthday Party

This past Saturday, it was Allison’s 3rd Birthday. So, Liz and I set off to have the most extravagant party a 3 year old would enjoy. We had the party in the backyard of Liz’s parents house, which is twice the size of ours (huge). Allie is really into Dora right now. There was Dora decorations and balloons, everywhere, on the house, plants, chairs, tables, cake and even a Dora piñata. On a side note, the makers of the piñatas no longer open by beating the cardboard object senseless, there are pull strings that the kids grab and yank. Much safer for all involved. There were about over 30 people, including kids. We had pizza’s, chips, soda, a clear liquid that had no bubbles (water), fruit punch, juice boxes, veggies, fruit, 3 different kinds of salad, and the for mentioned Dora cake. I rented 4 tables with umbrellas, a tent to put the food under, and a helium tank. Not the small one.. that is far to small. I got the big guy that weights a good 75 pounds. The kids had a great time, played in the pool, ran around, ate, ran around some more, jumped back into the pools (some with clothes on), and then did it all over again. Allie made out like a little bandit. She got a Dora doll house, Dora sleeping bag, Dora dolls, and a Dora Bike. (yes, a two wheeled bike) But, not all presents were Dora, she also got a clothes, a fairy bear from Wisconsin, and a Nemo body pillow, as well as, other things that would be to long to list out. Both her and Zuzu had a great time and had lots of fun with the other kids.

Mommy and Daddy are still trying to recuperate from the whole experience.

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