Thursday, August 03, 2006

Half Life 2: Episode One

As you all already know or have read, I am a big Half-Life fan. (counter-strike, DOD, HL, HL2, etc) Well, more accurately, I am a big Valve fan. This past week, Liz bought me HL2: EP1 from Amazon for something like $15 bucks. Let me begin by saying how impressed I was in its ability to rekindle my emotions from Half-Life 2 game. It started out strong and has kept going strong, given that I am only about half way done. The game is only slated to be about 5 hours of game play, but if you like wandering around and checking out things, you can easily spend double that. I had to check out everything, see how far I can throw a fridge, what would happen if I shot..., If you keep shooting a combine soldier – does he eventually become just a red spot… Also, there are many hidden passages and the puzzles are a bit harder than the original game.

And, Alyx is a real bad ass. She does a real good job helping out and her comments are at times just down right funny. She follows you around covering your back and at times taking all the bad guys on by herself. This addition to the Half-Life series has the look and feel of being a multiplayer campaign, that you can play by yourself. I know that I have said this before, but this one if defiantly a BUY!! Go and Get it!

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