Monday, August 28, 2006

my XBOX 360 has ARRIVED!

On Friday, the family went to Costco to pickup my new XBOX, $4 dollars cheaper than the last time I looked at it, I might add. It came with Gotham Racing, an additional wireless controller, and the plug and play power charger. When we got home, the girls and I took out the old Xbox and put in the shinny new one. We hooked up the whole thing, including network (cable strung across the floor), setup my account and off we went. I wanted to see if most of my old games works, so I put in Halo and SSX. Unfortunately, SSX Tricky is not supported on the 360. Bummer, the girls really enjoyed that game. I loaded up Zuma, Joust, and PGR3, just to see how they are. Liz really likes Zuma, which we had to rush to Target to get a 1600 point card so that she could play more than just the first level. Kind of a good deal, 1600 points for $20 bucks, Zuma costs 800 points. Now, she plays Zuma quite a bit, in fact, she has probably logged more time on the Xbox than I have. It looks like I have another convert.

The wireless NIC, DOA4, and Perfect Dark Zero are all speeding there way here to add to the fun and excitement.

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