Thursday, August 10, 2006

Exchange: SA will not start on a Exchange 2003 Server

Came across this issue where after installing Exchange 2003 on a Windows 2003 SP1 Server, the System Attendant would not start. This was a new build and did not have Exchange loaded on it before. When attempting to start the SA Service, it would fail almost immediately. The event log would throw an event ID: 1005, Unexpected error Access is denied. Facility: Win32 ID no: c0070005 Microsoft Exchange System Attendant occurred. There was also an error in the ESM under the server properties where the log file directory states the location of the message tracking logs. The error was “An error occurred during a call to Windows Management Instrumentation” - ID no: 80041013 - Exchange System Manager.

After spending a lot of time with Microsoft – The solution was painfully simple. On the Domain Controller there was a registry setting to restrict anonymous access. It was set to 2, the most restrictive. The Microsoft recommended setting for this is 1. Reboot the DC and...

This resolved the issue.

The registry settings on Authenticating DC, caused access denied up on anonymous SMB connection to IPC$


Ryan said...

Hi steve, i am wondering if you can point me to the part of DC registry where one can set the restriction level? I am currently having a similar error (An error occurred during a call to Windows Management Instrumentation ID no: 80041013 Exchange System Manager). Though, unlike your case, my exchange SA can actually start, i am hoping the fix you applied to your server can solve my problem too. many thanks in advance.

Very Lost said...

Here is where you find this setting.


Hope this helps. Also, you can also do a "find" in the registry for restrictanonymous.


Ryan said...

Thanks for the reply. It's not the solution for me, unfortunately, since the restrictanonymous is disabled on all my DCs.