Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Vampire: Bloodlines

Let me just begin by saying that this is a mature game with adult content. This game is defiantly not for kids or people offended by language, grotesque violence, gore, sex, or prostitution. The graphics are based on the Half-Life 2 engine with the same physics logic. I ran it in High-Res with a 256meg GF4 card, it looks gorgeous. I absolutely love this game, not just for the content, but the game play is great. You can play male or female, I usually play female. Then you can have the system select a vampire clan for you (based on a series of questions) or pick and configure yourself. Each clan has special abilities that are really fun to try out on unsuspecting humans. Oh, no killing innocents, that is a bad. Also, you can not use your powers in front of the common public that too is bad. Now, in the beginning, you some normal Joe-blow human that gets “involved” with a vampire, while you are being “intimate”, she/he bites you. Then you are put on trial in front of the Prince of LA. He kills the vampire that bites you in a big show of force, and then you are dropped off in Santa Monica. You do missions to gain experience, money and try out your new abilities. If you ever need a quick fix, you can either follow a human into a dark alley or find a hooker on a street corner.

There are 4 areas that you travel between, Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Hollywood, and China Town. All have lots to do and other people / vampires to talk to. You can seduce some people that you encounter, using them to satisfy your blood craving. If you play the game right, there is even a way that you get to have sex with this vampire named Janette. As I played this game the first time, I found a saying running through my head from X-Files… “Trust No one” – Fox Mulder

5 out of 5 stars

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