Monday, March 06, 2006

Take Two - A new beginning.

Well, after some soul searching, I decided to start my personal site over. My original site was a nice first attempt, but not good enough. After all, I am a network guy – not a web developer… I think that this is rev.1.3 or in Microsoft terms (showing my geekness)

I have a new job. I said "goodbye" to Corillian and "Hello" to ACS. I am one of two new Exchange Engineers. I have nothing against Corillian, it was good to me. I learned a lot when I worked there and was handed a lot of new projects and implementations that I would not normally be exposed to. It also allowed me to grow both in my technical and education.

However, ACS offered me the opportunity to have experience with a seriously large environment, 1500 Exchange Servers - yeah baby... ACS is a large company with offices all over the place and 30,000 people. This is a Fortune 500 company that is focused on providing IT outsourcing solutions to such clients as Nike and Walt Disney. This is an opportunity that I did not seek out but, when it was offered to me, I could not refuse.
The people are really cool here and most have made me feel welcome.

I hope to post every week, but as things get more chaotic... Time will tell.

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