Thursday, March 23, 2006

Game Review - Doom 3

Well, after finally sitting down and loading Doom3, I would have to say that this game is just “Okay”. Graphics are nicely done, but the game play is just not there. It is very repetitious, walk into an area, kill everything that moves, pickup a PDA (key), open a door, kill everything that moves, pickup a PDA…see a pattern. The puzzles were not challenging at all and the “bad guys” are not hard to kill at all (in normal mode). It is nothing like Half-Life 2, were the enemies actually hunt you down (even on normal mode). The other thing is that everything is so dark, half the time I was shooting a desk, just because I could not make out what it actually was. The thing that drove me nuts, was switching from my flashlight to a gun. Why not attach the flashlight to the machine gun or be able to shoot the pistol, while holding your flashlight. I do not feel that this game has the replay value that other first-person shooters have, such as HL2 or Quake.

I would have to say that the game was nice to look at, okay to play – once, and will go back on the shelf to collect dust.

2 out of 5 stars.

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