Monday, March 13, 2006


Generally, I listen to an internet streaming radio stations at work (yes, I have turned my state of the art PC into a radio). It is really not a good idea to have an mp3 collection on a work system. But, that is between you and your company’s legal department. I like Shoutcast (, just for the fact that I can use my winamp player and not windows media player. I use media player for other things, such as listening to voicemail on my PC.

How many times have you been listening to a great alternative or rock song and then having the next song be some piece of RAP-CRAP!!!! As you can tell, I am not a fan of rap. So many times I have been listening to a radio station that plays some great music, just to be crushed. However, I found a new way of listening to music at work. It is certainly not new. Yahoo “My Station” Internet Radio, ( is a place where you can put together a collection of songs, artists, and/or albums. It plays music that I choose and sometimes throws in a group that fits your genera and preferences. But, you can have them never play that song or group again by the click of a button. Here is the best part, it is free. I like free… There is a cost though. You have to deal with these Yahoo sponsored ads every so often. But, if you pay them $3 a month, the ads go away.

For all those interested in a music station that plays mainly alternative music, please feel free to listen and enjoy. ( I will try to keep it from “sucking”.

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