Thursday, July 03, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge – THE BOMB!!!

This last weekend, the family went up to Washington and stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound. This place is totally awesome! Water, Water, and even more Water! There are three areas for the different age groups.. However, that does not mean that the little ones can go down the big slides.. My girls loved the big slides, the big pool and the wave pool. But, they mostly played in the kiddy area, doing laps around the purple slide that stood only about 8 feet tall. They did that for hours… Which gave me time to try out a couple of the big people rides, like the one-man inter-tube and the Howlin’ Tornado. This is a four man inter-tube that kind of looks like a big funnel. You sit facing another person and you get pushed down a tube of darkness. There are only these little lights in the side of the tube that looks like you are warping into another dimension. You pop out and scream up the side of this funnel, then to the other side, then to the other side.. finally being spun and flushed out the bottom. I do have to say, that my first time on it was a bit scary and I was not sure what I got myself into. However, it was a lot of fun and want to do it again.

Here is a little trick I found. We arrive about 1pm but, check-in is not until 4pm. So, I was standing in line to for check-in and I was overhearing the staff saying to people, “Here are some passes, be back at 4.” Groovy, they asked me how many. I said 4 and off I went. They did not ask for my name or if I was checking in or anything… So, I would say that you should get their early, so you can play even longer.

The prices are similar to Disneyland, but well worth it. And with the price of fuel, it was far cheaper than trying to get to LA or even Florida.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you and your family had great time! Thanks so much for chosing Great Wolf Lodge as your vacation destination!

Warm Regards,
Derrek Kinzel
General Manager, Great Wolf Lodge-Grand Mound