Friday, June 20, 2008

Not happy with my FIOS!!!

As you may have read, I run both Comcast HSI and Verizon FIOS to the house. I mainly keep my wife's stuff on the Comcast line and run my "bad" systems and my game system on the FIOS. (Yes, I do download Porn from time to time...) That is why I want it seperated, I don't need my wife's system being infected with a virus from my system. I would never live that one down. But, as of late my connection speed has gone to total SHIT! I was playing online with a few buddys and I was lagging so bad, they were like... "DUDE!!! What the hell are you shooting at??!!! The guys are in this direction!!!" or the one I love... "Nice Shooting TEX! Their over this way!" So, I went out and did my speed test and everything came back fine... Just about 5meg down. That checks out.

And here is where my problem is... my Ping times suck! I did a ping test to Level3's DNS server ( and received a response back between 32-48ms. Okay.. that seems a little high.. I take my laptop and plug into my Comcast Line and perform the same steps. Ping times came back between 18-22ms.

So, I ran a cable down the hall, through the living room, into the kitchen where the Comcast router is sitting and plugged in my gamebox, so I can continue to play. (However, my wife did instruct me to run the cable properly, under the house, if I wish to continue to use this connection. Oh.. yeah.. and no porn!)

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