Friday, November 10, 2006

Still Alive and Kicking

Things are going well. I think that I am settling in and being able to impress my bosses with my technical knowledge, project management, and the ability to step in and take over. With the help of a small script, a project that they have been working on months (if not years), is giving management the ammo needed to get people to clean up their “stuff”. This has always been a problem, everywhere I have been. I can remember many many times at Cori where the file server is full due to people just dumping their crap out there. This was a serious problem when you are backing up files that have not been touched in 6 months – to Years… Not to mention the hassle, time, and effort that IT has to go through to contact people just to get things cleaned up. So, with the thanks of Wayne, a colleague from ACS, I was able to query the file servers and provide full path name (including file), Modified Date, Created Date, Last Accessed Date, and Size (in bytes) to my boss. Thanks Wayne!

If anyone is interested, I would be willing to post it with the changes that I made.

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