Thursday, November 30, 2006

Been Busy!

I have been really busy with the new job. Plus, to top it off, the whole family is sick... Germ Factory One and Germ Factory Two have been hard at work. :P I have not even had time play with the XBox 360, who has been leaving me little posts about the level of frustration that it feels.

VeryLost's Xbox - 11/29/2006
Where is VeryLost at? I want to disown him. I am putting myself up on eBay ASAP.

VeryLost's Xbox - 11/28/2006
I only have one request... If VeryLost isn't going to game, the least he could do is turn me off so I don't feel the pain. But no... I was awake for six hours crying in my own head.

(Is it a bad sign that your XBox is mad at you???)

Oh, I do love this whole On-Demand from Comcast. It is really cool. There are a LOT of movies that are free (might be a bit older) that you can watch from anywhere in the house, regardless if it is on the DVR or not. I was watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Havoc (Unrated), and Star Wars III all streamed over the wire. Very Cool. I still have to hook up the internet. I just have not had the time or motivation.

That is all for now.


Clay said...

nice material, I have a similar blog and thought I was the only one writing about network admin geek stuff.


Clay said...

Nice material, thought I was the only one who posted network admin tips and tricks :-)