Friday, April 07, 2006

Got a new PC at work

Well, it has finally happened. I just got a new computer here at work. I guess that I am no longer the FNG and they have decided to provide me better equipment. With all fairness, my workstation is great (P4 - 2.5 with 768megs of Ram), but my monitor sucks. It is an old NEC “Superbright” MultiSync 15 inch. Everyone that comes into my cube can not believe the size of my monitor. I just shrug and continue on working. But, all of that has changed. I have a new P4 (with HyperThreading) – 3.2 with a 1 gig of Ram, 80 gig hard-drive... It is nice, faster than what I have got at home, but I still have the piece of sh*t monitor. Hopefully, that too will change. Time will tell.

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