Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Don't blame me for your own stupidity

I got some down right nasty email from someone from a company that I used to work for (which will remain nameless). What I gathered from this email is this person was blaming me for them getting fired. Just as a side note, it was poorly written. I would almost say that this person was drunk and had too much time on the computer or that English was a third language. At this company, I was in a position where I had to, on several occasions, tag several people for doing something that was against corporate policy. Apparently, it is my fault that they were fired. It was also my fault that they got caught. Here is a thought.. Don’t be stupid! Don’t send porn through the email server or store it on the network drive! Don’t send code to your personal or hotmail email address! Don’t be STUPID and don’t blame me for your own stupidity. I am sorry that you got fired for it… okay.. maybe not. It was my job! If you have to blame someone, then try looking in the mirror.

I realize that this person is angry and needs to blame someone for their own errors in judgment. However, take responsibility for your own actions and be accepting of the consequences for those actions.

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