Monday, April 03, 2006

Cirque Du Soleil Varekai

Last week, Liz and I were treated by her parents to spend a night out by ourselves, a rare occasion. They purchased two tickets for the Cirque Du Soleil show Varekai on Thursday at 8pm. They came by, handed us the tickets and kicked us out of our own house. The kids loved having Nai Nai and Papa to baby sit them for the night, so they were not upset at all. Liz and I really enjoyed having time go out to a restaurant and get to eat hot food. Also, being able to eat at a reasonable speed and not being rushed by anxious kids wanting to go. For those who have kids understand that either you are feeding them, trying to them to eat, or getting food taken from your plate by a little fork. We went to Chevy’s, a Tex-Mex place that we enjoy. I treated myself to a raspberry margarita and fajitas, which I don’t normally get because of the hot plate next to the kids.

On to the show, parking wasn’t bad, $10 bucks. But, I was happy to pay to park in a place that was supervised. This show is not in a place that is really that safe after dark. Liz and I were really surprised that the show was this packed on a Thursday. The seats were a bit uncomfortable, especially having a strange guy sitting that close next to me, made me feel a little uncomfortable. The show was AWSOME!!! I thought that this was the best traveling show that I have seen to date. Last years was not very good, at least, I was not impressed. As you are being lead to your seats, you had to keep a sharp eye for an “attendant” (performer) that takes you around the stage, over seats, on a tour of the backstage, then sits you down hell and gone from where you started or should be. I did not want to be picked on, again… So, I watched to make sure that we were not their next victims. However, it is fun to watch other people being lead around by these clowns. The show itself was about 2 hours long and it went by so fast. I was enjoying myself so much that I just did not want it to stop. Between you and me, there were some mighty sexy performers that made the experience even more enjoyable.

There was one accident by one of the male performers, where he slipped and hurt his favorite muscle. Every guy in the place felt his pain. I just responded to my wife, after her little smirk at me, “I guess he does not bend that way, either..” Speaking of bending, it is incredible that a person can bend and pretzel themselves in those “positions”. I am sorry, but I have a spine, it does not do that. There was this woman that could bend herself backward and fold her legs over her shoulders. I just sat there in amazement, not sure what I am looking at. “OUCH, that has got to leave a mark!” was the only thing crossing my mind.

So, All in all, Great Show – Great Music – Great Performances – Great Time. If you have a chance, defiantly go, it is well worth the money.

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