Monday, July 10, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean II - Dead man’s Chest

This weekend, I saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. My parents had the kids over so Liz and I could actually see a movie in a movie theater and when it is new and still fresh. So here is the review… Johnny Depp is as funny as ever playing the part of the gay pirate. Okay, Captain Jack Sparrow is not actually gay, more Bi… But, that is part of his charm. I will try not to spoil it for anyone that has not seen the movie yet. That will be an entry for later. It is full of action, plot twists, and flair. It is well worth the money to see this movie and Yes, I will be buying this one when it comes out. However, it is not as good as the first. But, there were not expectations for the orgininal. This one went in with HIGH expectations and only fell a little short. I have high hopes for the third one. Oh, and you will want to sit through all of the credits, there is a little funny at the very end.

For those who have seen the movie… I wonder what “mark” he left on Mr. Beckett. -Say no more!

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