Monday, July 10, 2006

Day of Defeat - Source

This past weekend, Valve had a free weekend to download and play DOD-Source. This is the Day of Defeat Mod built from the Half-Life 2 engine. The graphics are stunning, some new maps (well, new to me), and game play is what you would expect from a Half Life 2 Mod. I played quite a bit this weekend, ignoring the wife and kids.. Which is not so good. So, if you plan on purchasing this game be advised that it is a total time suck. But, well worth it. AND it will only cost you a Mr. Jackson to continue the onslaught of Allies vs. Axis. But, you have to ask yourself this question..

Half-Life 2 – Episode One OR Day of Defeat – Source… Two great games – Same Price.

See you there – verylost

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