Monday, January 17, 2011

New XBox in the house!

Well.. My Gen1 White 8gb XBox360 finally gave up the ghost. It started not being able to read the DVDs, neither game nor movie. But, then it failed all together. I thought something was up, so I did transfer most of my game profiles, saves, and themes to a 4gb usb drive. So, I guess I am not out that much...

Went to BestBuy and bought a new Black XBox360 with a 250gb drive. Hooked it up and started downloading all of the content that I had before... waiting.. waiting.. waiting.. after several hours, I decided to go to sleep.. There were still about 25 items in the "pending download" state. I guess having it for so long, I acquired lots of stuff.

On a side note, I do have to rant about BestBuy for a second. I have been a big supporter of BestBuy for a long time. Have purchased many many many things there over the many years. So, on Sunday, my family and I went in and we were greeted by the door guard, but no one else. Even though, there were many employees there. I rushed back to the XBox section, grabbed an XBox from the shelf. There were 3 employees there, just standing and chatting. They did not say anything to me or even break their conversation. Did not really need their help, but, it would have been nice to be acknowledged. At the check out area, there was one guy, who was apparently buying the store. The guy was purchasing several large items, so it was going to take him a while. So, I stood, holding my XBox... and waited.. and waited.. I saw the girls wandering around looking at stuff, while I continued to wait. Another BestBuy employee wandered the area, cleaned up some papers from a register and then wandered off. And.. I waited.. Finally, the guy finished up his transaction and I was up. I was seriously thinking about putting it on her counter and walking out. I was pissed off by this.. it was just frustrating.. It is not like I could not get this somewhere else or they had such a good price on it. It was a standard Microsoft price, $299.. I mean, I could have easily have ordered it from Amazon, with free shipping. It just means that I would have not been able to play that day. Looking back on it, it would have been a small price to pay for the level of frustration that I felt inside that store.

My point is.. Customer Service.. If you are in a service industry, you need to own it - breath it - live it - Do it! I will think twice about shopping there again.

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