Monday, April 06, 2009

My Kids are spoiled

Over the past couple of weekends, I have been working in the yard.. With help from some paid individuals. The backyard is all cleaned up and the play area pad is ready for the play structure. It all started back in late January, the family went to a local “Home Improvement Show” in Portland. We went there to get some ideas about how we can improve the house a bit. Well, right off the bat, I knew I was in trouble. As you walk in, the first booth is Rainbow Play. They are the makers of the ‘ginormus’ play structures that will hold about a dozen kids. Well, the girls were sold!

So, we grabbed a flyer, which conveniently had a coupon on it for 30% off any structure and a catalog. How could pass that up? We looked at the catalog, measured the backyard, looked at the catalog, measured the backyard again, decided that we could fit any of them and that our only issue was going to be price. But, we narrowed down to two, depending on what the rep said. The next step was to the local showroom, which was an old gas station. J The girls got to see, touch, play on, and experience the “Rainbow Play Structures”. They did not have a demo of the one the girls really liked from the catalog, but they had last year’s model, which was six inches taller and had a couple of nice add-ons that this year’s model did not have. He also gave me a better price on the unit, than the one we were looking at… Since it is last year’s model… (So.. What does the year model matter??)

They show up at 8am on Saturday to install...

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Jmartens said...

what a good dad!

I am sure you guys will have a blast with it for a number of years.