Saturday, December 20, 2008

This is High Speed!

Sure makes my FIOS line looks like DSL!!!


Jmartens said...

not bad, Comcast is stepping up in the world!

My FiOS is having some upload problems today but here is what I got:

Very Lost said...

The other issue I have is my Ping times on my FIOS line SUCK! To test my connection, as I have stated before, I ping Level3 DNS servers. Level3 is an Internet backbone and their DNS servers are pingable and open for anyone to point to. On my FIOS line, I get 35 - 45ms. However, on my Comcast Line, I get a result between 18 - 24ms. Not a big problem for most people. But, I am a gamer and this is a big issue for me.

More to your post though. I pay the same amount for my FIOS (5meg) connection compared to the Comcast line. I don't pay for the FIOS 20meg connection, it is too rich for my blood. Especially when I get these kinds of speeds from my other line.