Saturday, December 06, 2008

Fuel Prices

Yesterday, we filled up the Yaris it I was shocked when the guy said $14 bucks. I know it had a small tank, but, geeezzzz. After looking at the receipt, I noticed that regular unleaded was $1.71 a gallon. I know that the prices have dropped, but I did not realize that they went that far. This is a very bad sign and I will tell you why. When the pendulum swings the other direction, we will see a higher price like nothing we have seen as of yet. I predict that we will see $6 per gallon during out next swing.

But, for now, I will enjoy driving the SUV again.


Jmartens said...

lets just hope that next swing isn't for at least a few years!

Very Lost said...

I give it 6 - 12 months, not years.

Very Lost said...

New Low - $1.53