Sunday, March 23, 2008

Poll: Best XBox 360 Game

I have often wondered (and asked) - what is the best XBox 360 game out? I know many of you have been playing and have an opinion, so here is the question... What is your favorite XBox 360 game and why?

At the end of the April, I will post the results.


Travis Illig said...

BioShock. Far and away, BioShock. Not only are the graphics and sound top-notch, but the story is so amazingly engaging that you can't help but get sucked in. My wife, who doesn't generally get into FPS games, actually finished BioShock in its entirety. I played it through twice - once as a bad guy (harvesting) and once as a good guy (saving) - and I rarely replay games. It really is that good.

BloggingITGuy said...

Hard question as it's a moving target.

I think that Mass Effect has to be up there...I'm on my 3rd play through now and it's still fun, because as you change character types and ramp up the difficulty it really does become quite different and challenging. And the achievements are well thought out.

For racing, I don't think there's any question that Forza Motorsports 2 is the best for the system, although Need for Speed ProStreet was pretty good too.

And for FPS, it's hard to choose between HL2, CoD 4 and R6 Vegas (or V2)...some would say what about Gears of War, but I wasn't a big fan of that game

But really, I would have to say that the best game out for the system just has to be Portal, part of the Valve Orange Box. It's just so well scripted, so much fun, so original and has the best ending theme for a game, ever. So yeah, that's my vote.

DenisDenis said...

Random list:

* Bioshock for the level of production level. Every detail was thought of, except lenght maybe.

* Burnout Paradise for the amazing level of addictivity. OMG, camera management is pure heaven!

* GTA IV for the game and deepness (NOT for the seriously annoying marketing crazyness we are inflicted).

* PGR4 for probably the most balanced arcade/realistic racing experience - waiting for GRID sooo much!

* N+ (and a few other XBAL titles) because you don't have to spend 15.000.000USD to make a good game.

DenisDenis (I can rant too)!