Friday, November 23, 2007

Tis The Season for Stupid People

Today is Black Friday and people are clamoring in the stores for all of their holiday shopping needs. Shops are crowded, people are rushing around, and just generally being stupid. This is why I generally work today. No one is around and I actually can get stuff done. However, I did have to drive by a Best Buy and noticed that there is a lot of people who forgot their manners this morning and how to be polite. Cutting in line, is something that really pisses me off. This is not China, lines ACTUALLY mean something here. For example, waiting for the person who is waiting for another person’s car to move out of a parking space. Honking and carrying on just makes you look stupid and impatient. Along those same lines, Driving… Don’t wait until the last possible second to change lanes. Or if you know that the lane ends, move over sooner. It really pisses me off when we are all moving along in traffic and some dipshit thinks that he is too Fucking self important to travel with us commoners. He has to Zoom in the ending lane and cut in front of another car. Causing us all to hit our breaks. (You’re lucky I don’t own a gun for doing shit like that) Another group of people who really piss me off - People bathing in perfume. They have no consideration for other people senses. One squirt goes a long way! You don’t have to use the entire bottle. We don’t care how much you paid for it. By the time you drench yourself in it, you smell like a strip club. (Yes, I have been to one or two in my day) And finally, this one goes out to the great unwashed… When you are in a public place make sure that you don’t smell. Do the rest of us a favor - Water! Use it! and… Deodorant, not optional.

Take home message.
1. If you want to get somewhere sooner, leave the house earlier.
2. Take a bath, we all don’t need to smell you!
3. Play well with others and be nice.
4. Think! Don't be Stupid!

Maybe I am being a little overly sensitive and am using the holidays as an excuse for people and their behavior. But, it does seem to get far worse around the holidays.

You know... This is all coming from a guy who has a mug that says "Warning... DOES NOT Play Well With Others!" It has to be really bad for me to Rant about it.

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