Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bought a Wii....Weeeeeeee!

On Thursday, I joined the Wii Club. I was not intending to buy anything, honest!

Here's the story...

I was in CompUSA with a co-worker, he was getting a wireless router for home, and while we were standing around the checkout counter, I was joking with the sales rep about never having any Wiis. "Well, Sir, we actually have one..." So, out comes the Disney Visa - right after I called the wife.. (Hey, I know that I would be a dead duck if I came in without asking)

Here is how that converstation went -
Me: What would happen if I came home with a Wii in hand?
Wife: Did you pay for it?
Me: I can take it back.
Wife: Where are you at?
Me: CompUSA
Wife: Why
Me: co-worker needed something and we were at lunch.
Wife: Okay... But that is it..

So, I bought the Wii and Wii Play. But, here is the kicker...


Merry Christmas to me! (I mean the Kids!)


Dogmeat869 said...

So question for you Steve:
Which one has more games for the kids to play an Xbox360 or the Wii? If you could only buy one which would you go for?


Very Lost said...

Since I have not hooked up the Wii as of yet, I can not give you a exact answer. However, in looking at the games available, it appears that there is more games for the kids on the Wii. The X360 appears to be more for the "Mature" set. But, you can get games like Pac-Man or Fogger on XBox Live. See future posts on the Wii... I am sure I will do Rant when I actually get to play it.