Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Best Buy

Let me begin by saying that I have been getting more and more frustrated with Best Buy as a whole. I have been to several and there seems to be a common theme. A totally and complete lack of Customer Service!

A couple of months ago, I went in to the Hillsboro Best Buy to pick up some Amazon Gift Cards. As I passed the laptops, I noticed an Asus that had the new Sandy Bridge processor for just over $1200. It was not the cheap $400 Acer, it is a state-of-the-art gaming rig. I decided to think about it and talk with the wife about it. And after much research and deliberating, I decided to get it. So, the next day, I go in during my lunch time to purchase said laptop. After waiting for 30 minutes, standing in front of the laptop, waiting for someone to help me, I finally get a manager who wanders by from the backroom. He asked me if I need help and I replied with a curt ‘Yes’. He stated that he will find someone and thanked me for my patience. In which I replied with a ‘Patience running thin’. A short time later, a young girl comes over to help me. She greeted me and told me that she was from the phone area and knew nothing about ‘these machines’. I smiled and told her that I knew exactly what I wanted, which was this laptop. She wondered off to find a computer “expert” to see if they had any in stock. (notice the quotes) She came back a few minutes later and told me that they were out of stock, but the Beaverton Mall store had two. In front of her manager, I thanked her and said that she was the only person in store that actually tried to help me. When I got to the Beaverton store.. It was exactly the same thing.. I purchased my laptop from the AT&T girl.. I just don’t get it..

Last Week, my girls started school and had some homework that they needed to print off of our very very old printer. But, hey, it still worked.. sort of.. Blue was more of a green, red turned out to be yellow, and black was more of a dark gray. These were the colors no matter if it was a new ink cartridge or an old one. So, I finally bit the bullet and went to purchase a new printer. Best Buy had the all-in-one that I wanted and it was even on sale. So, during my lunch, I stopped by Best Buy to pick up the printer. After searching, I finally find the exact printer on a back end-cap, but there are none around it. But, I can see that they have some in overstock. So, I try to find someone to help me get one from overstock, without pulling a Jackie Chan maneuver. No luck.. Everyone that I find is either rushing into the back storeroom area or trying to help a customer. So, after 30 minutes of wandering the computer area looking for someone, I leave frustrated and printerless. That is the final straw. I told my family and friends about these stories and if they were going to get something, purchase it from Amazon.

Good Bye Best Buy!

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