Monday, April 19, 2010

Nothing Is Ever Easy!

A Comcast door-to-door sales rep (Tony) came to the door last week and gave me a great deal on their services. The one deal breaker was about my (or more specifically my wife's) email has to be forwarded from Verizon to Comcast. He said that this was not a problem and they would be able to do it for one year. I asked him again and my wife even asked the same question. He reassured us that this was not a problem. So, I signed up… They came out and installed the equipment and verified everything was working. I asked about the email forwarding and the tech was not sure how to set that up. He suggested that I call tech support for help. So, I did just that. I called and the tech support guy said… sort of… Apparently, there is a website that you sign up for that acts as a forwarder. This was kind of a hassle, but I was willing to deal with it.

However, Today I canceled my Verizon account...AND THE TROUBLE BEGAN!!! Once the account was terminated, Verizon email stopped. Apparently, you have to have an active account. I called Comcast and they were little to no help. They told me to contact Verizon. So, I did. I talked to them, explained the situation and was willing to pay to keep the email alive. The Verizon tech was not even willing to hear of it. It was like.. How dare you leave and then want to keep your email. So, I am basically screwed and my wife is pissed, since we did not have anything in place to change the email address in the hundred of contacts, sites, and payment places out there.

I am not very happy with Tony and Comcast for what I feel is not being truthful.

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Avatar said...

Your first indication that something was wrong "his lips were moving". Not that I have anything against Comcast, just saying.