Tuesday, October 09, 2007

10 Ways to Work More Securely

I was surfing last night and found this Microsoft article about Security in the work place. It is very simple and easy to do. He is the Top 10 List –
Best way to protect company data.
I feel like Letterman…

Number 10: Use the Junk E-mail Filter in Outlook 2003
Number 9: Encrypt e-mail messages when appropriate.
Number 8: Don't open questionable e-mails.
Number 7: Encrypt files containing confidential or business critical files.
Number 6: Use password protection on your screensaver.
Number 5: Lock your computer when you leave your desk. It is really easy (Windows+L)
Number 4: Use network file shares instead of local file shares.
Number 3: Don't enable the Save Password Option.
Number 2: Use strong passwords.

And the last and most Novel idea
Number 1: Work with your IT department.

But, it seems like people either don’t want to take the time or simply don’t care. Being a System Administrator, it is really hard to protect company assets without the assistance of the user population. (Without becoming an IT Nazi – and nobody wants that!!!)


Geekboy said...

The number one slot is the most important. Users don't see the back side of things and this leads them to not give a darn about what is real. When we work "our magic" they love us for it. But if they cant get to a site on the internet cause it's down it's our fault. I wish more people would realize what it takes to be in IT.

wayfarer said...

Administering users is much harder than administering networks...

Main rules that I'm applying to users :

1) Users never know what they need, they just "want"

2) It's irrelevant what they want. What they need - that's the priority. You are often tne only one who knows what is it

3) Users oppinion about my person can be easily made better just by giving them nice wallpaper. Do not afraid making unpleasant actions good for security. Manipulation is the key for making users happy

4) The less they can do, the better. The less they know, the better.

5) You must let them know that you can use THE FORCE. That simply means you apply restrictions also to your boss without exceptions.

Jaromir Kokes "Wayfarer"