Thursday, May 17, 2007


It looks like Halo 3 has a firm release date – September 25th. Could be a GOOD Birthday Present … Collectors Edition - Please!

Corillian is now CheckFree. I will have to see what happened to my stock.

Microsoft announced that Vista will be the last 32-bit operating system that Microsoft will be shipping. The end of an era…

Google searching just got that much better. Google has expanded its search capabilities to more than just WebPages. “The change means users will also get results from news sites, blogs, video services and other relevant places.”

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Travis said...

Your stock was cashed out. There's technically no such thing as Corillian stock anymore. If you had options, they were exercised-and-sold. If you had shares (ESPP or otherwise) they were cashed out. All sales were at $5.15/share.

You should probably go talk to a tax advisor and see how this is going to affect you. They don't automatically take taxes out.